Murphy's Law LLC Core Values

Murphy's Law LLC provides quality representation at a competitive value to rural clients in Southwest Kansas and beyond. I want to be the front-of-mind provider for each of the listed practice areas of this firm.

I seek not to overburden clients with the traditional costs of excess legal overhead such as large offices, extraneous equipment, and full time secretarial staff. From its modest location across from the Haskell County Jail to its tech-forward client interface, clients will see that the Murphy's Law focus is on them and their legal issues. I care about efficient justice, not about lawyer prestige.

Clients, whether private or court-appointed, will be given a secure portal for attorney-client communication. Here they can view documents related to their case, keep track of billing (if applicable), see when court appearances are scheduled, and ask non-urgent questions of the attorney. Murphy's Law LLC utilizes LawPay, a secure credit card processing company for legal clients. Many matters can be handled on a flat-fee basis.

Because I believe in efficiency and maximizing attorney court time, the office is open by appointment only. To have an ideal attorney-client relationship, clients will utilize the secure portal, keep scheduled appointments, and call to leave a message when an urgent matter arises. Clients seeking estate work may be asked to attend appointments in evenings or on weekends to keep the attorney free for matters of litigation during the court week.

103 E Courthouse Ave

Sublette, Kansas 67877

(620) 675 - 5773

Open by Appointment

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