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Wills & Trusts

No one gets out alive. No one. Also true? You can't take it with you. So what happens to your family and to your belongings when you die? Melinda can help you create a plan that is logical and useful to your loved ones.* We can even create a pet care trust to make sure your furry family is taken care of upon your passing. While we do not wade into large estate (i.e. greater than $5 million single/$10 million couple net worth) plans, we will help you to decide whether a living trust, other probate avoidance devices, or standard will is the best decision for your family.

*Please note that at this time, we do not offer ongoing trust administration.

Healthcare & Other POA's

No one can perfectly predict the kinds of disasters that result in long term illness or incapacity. Murphy's Law offers a variety of preparation documents to prepare for the event wherein you find yourself unable to make your own healthcare or legal and business decisions.

When combining all of these services with one another or with a will or other estate plan, you may qualify for a discount. Click below to learn about estate planning and to activate contact.

Property Transfer

& Probate Avoidance

Transfers of property include not only "real" property and assets, but financial interests as well. While you may be able to find pre-printed or diy forms on the internet, it is important to consult with an attorney to avoid creating problems with your tax returns or long term care plan.

Whether you are looking to transfer property to a loved one, a purchaser, or even back to  yourself in another form, we can draft and help file your documents with the appropriate authorities, as well as work with your accountant to ensure such a transfer fits with your overall financial and healthcare plan.